How to - Step by Step

1. Use the exfoliating mitt prior to applying body soaps, oils, shampoos, etc. They tend to create a film over the surface of the skin.

2. Steam yourself in a hot bath, shower, or sauna for at least 10 minutes. Once your body starts to perspire, the skin will soften and be ready for exfoliation.

Tip: Keep the bathroom door closed to lock in the steam.

3. Rinse mitt with hot water and wring thoroughly to remove any excess water.

4. Rub your skin with the mitt in long and firm strokes. Focus on a large area of the skin, and watch as the dead skin cells and impurities glide off.

Tip: Be sure to apply pressure when rubbing the skin in both directions.

5. Apply your favourite moisturizer.

6. Rinse mitt and hang to dry after use.

7. Repeat once a week. Not recommended for face.

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