Exfoliating Mitt

Come Clean Cosmetics offers you the only exfoliating mitt that visibly removes strands of dead skin cells.
Our skin care regeneration method has been practiced for centuries in European and Turkish baths. Using only water, it eliminates toxins, boosts collagen and renews your skin.
Our cleansing ritual is vital to a youthful radiant complexion. Smooth and radiant skin is revealed instantly!


Exfoliating Mitt

Made in Morocco from natural fibres

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It was the most thorough exfoliation I had ever had, leaving me with a rosy, pink glow and super soft skin

Leila Mutlak

I cannot live without this product. It completely cleared my dry skin and has given me soft glowing skin that absorbs any moisturizer I use after the shower. Follow the instructions and you will literally see your dry, dead skin cells peeling away. I am so impressed with this Mitt and it’s longevity that it’s become a new staple in my shower.

Marisa Falconi

This is by far the best exfoliating product I have ever used!!! I have been using this mitt once a week regularly for 3 months and have noticed a vast improvement. My skin has never felt so soft, I even noticed reduction in cellulite and ingrown hairs. I cannot live without this product. Thank you Come Clean !!!

Caterina Clubb